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If you’re a homeowner or business and concerned with trees on your property needing attention, then it’s time to take action this Fall. Georgia home and business owners are only all too aware of what tree damage can do to our property during winter storms. When the beautiful trees cloaking our homes or neighborhoods begin to die, get diseased or are damaged, or just become overgrown our properties become jeopardized.


As we approach the unpredictable Fall and Winter seasons, trees are subjected to the elements, get damaged and potentially result in damaging our property. Well maintained trees are assets, improving the value of our property and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Often trees just need maintenance and a little TLC to keep them healthy and safe. Of course, we know it’s important to be proactive before damage occurs, but with so many tree services around, it’s hard to know which one to choose.


That’s where Tru Cut Tree Experts come in. Tru Cut is a team of experienced tree service professionals that loves completing projects that require every facet of their skill sets from tree removal, trimming, ground clearing and clean-up that dramatically improves the appearance of their customer’s property.


“I’ve had trees removed on my property two other times by other service providers and this was my best experience yet by far,” Mike Steele of Peachtree City says. “The entire five-man crew was friendly, professional, efficient and hard working. The owner - crew foreman was also willing to stop and explain their process when I had any questions. This crew climbed all my trees, cutting limbs as they climbed, then removed the top of the tree prior to dropping the remaining pole. This eliminated the need for a large bucket truck in my back yard minimizing the risk for driveway or yard damage. My yard had virtually no damage and looked great when they were done.”


The Tru Cut crew combines hard work with skillful care, treating the property they work on as if it were their own. Tried and true processes are followed as limbs are sawed from trees, then gently lowered to the

ground. Their all-wheel drive Bobcat hauls and loads branches and logs into the wood chipper which are then blown into dump trucks for removing from the homeowner’s property. Both machines have specialized turf tires so as not to damage the lawn (they also lay down plywood wherever necessary too, just for an extra safety precaution).


The business was founded the beginning of 2014 by fatherson duo Don and Drew Wall, but word has already rapidly spread about its quality and performance from their work at homes and businesses in and around Fayette County. Drew has worked in the tree service industry for over eight years and was one of the most sought after climber - crew foremen in the south metro Atlanta area prior to co-founding Tru Cut. His experience and tree service skills, combined with his father’s 30 years of business ownership and managerial skills, are the two primary factors in their ability to consistently deliver high quality service and value to their customers. Unlike many tree service companies, one of the Company’s co-owners is on each and every project for its entirety, ensuring the homeowner that strict quality and safety standards are met.


“I knew that I wanted to do business with Tru Cut Tree Experts when my phone call for a free estimate was returned promptly on a Saturday,” said Dana Underwood of Fayetteville. “After meeting Drew and discussing the price, I awarded the work to them. These guys showed up promptly at 8 AM on the day we scheduled the work to occur. Watching these guys work was like a time piece, all the pieces working together knowing exactly what the other one was going to do next.”


“I took a leap of faith by calling them from the weekly paper and it’s been the best decision I have made as far as updating our property,” added Ms. Underwood. “Also, several days after the job had been completed, I had noticed that a small tree that had been marked at the front of my property for removal had been left behind by mistake. I called Drew and he assured me he would return within a certain time period. Upon driving onto my driveway the other day, I noticed immediately it had been cut. I have to say, in that moment I realized.....I had made a great choice. Drew was a man of his word, came back and cut the tree down as promised. Take it from me, if you want a great job done right, call Tru Cut. You won’t be disappointed.”


There are intrinsic dangers associated with performing tree service work to persons and property. Tru Cut maintains excellent Workman’s Compensation and General Liability insurance to protect our customer’s property and our employee’s wellbeing. Proof of insurance coverage is provided on every project.


One notable customer Tru Cut has had the pleasure of providing tree service to on multiple occasions this year is The Heritage School, which has a beautiful pecan orchard on its 63 acre campus in Newnan.


“In addition to keeping our campus well maintained, it is very important for us to have a relationship with a tree service provider because of the safety and wellbeing of the children and staff that are here throughout the week. Due to this factor, we require a quick response to remedy any tree issues that arise,” said Chuck Brown, Facilities Manager at The Heritage School. “Tru Cut Tree Experts has done a good job of meeting that need at a very competitive cost to us. I was very impressed with the safety standards that were followed by the crew in performing their work, and the processes they follow to ensure the safety and welfare of any others in the area as well as our property.”


Tru Cut also offers HOA’s and groups of homeowners special “bundle” packages that save you money. One customer recently coordinated the tree service needs of five of his neighbors to get tree work done. A volume discount price was extended to each homeowner based on the total package of work to be performed, minimizing disruption in the neighborhood while each customer received high quality workmanship and savings.


Tru Cut Tree Experts’ largest single source of revenue comes from repeat customers and their referrals to family, neighbors and friends. Instead of randomly choosing a tree service, listen to those you trust the most. Call 770-558-0306 or visit the website at www. to see more photos and testimonials, and learn how you can receive a free estimate.

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If you start to see bore holes in the bark of a pine tree or saw dust around the base of the tree, you probably have pine beetles. Another sign is the needles on your pine tree begin to turn brown earlier than the other trees in the area. Take immediate action if you observe these signs. Pine beetles kill trees and will infect other surrounding trees.


Before (left) and after (right) pics of lakeside property improved by the expertise of Tru Cut Tree Experts.

Man trimming a tree

Check for these signs of potential problems

Sawdust around base of trees

As trees grow, so do the roots, often encroaching on your home’s driveway or foundation. Be observant and do not let this damage unnecessarily occur. Trees positioned on the edge of islands can sap the water and nutrients depriving your lawn and other plants. Be strategic where you plant new trees on your property, they will grow!

Cracks in the driveway or home foundation

Is your lawn doing better in some areas than others? Your lawn may not be getting sufficient direct sun. “Limbing up” or raising your trees’ canopy allows for more morning and late afternoon direct sun on your lawn, improving its’ health with the trees still providing shade during the hot midday period. A side benefit of raising the canopy is improving the curb appeal of your home by your trees having a uniform look.


If your gutters clog up with every heavy rainstorm or your roof shows signs of discoloration or excessive wear, trimming limbs may help. This will help prevent leaves and small branches from clogging gutters. Overhanging limbs can also be hazardous to your home and vehicles during ice storms or heavy winds. Trimming limbs will assist with the appearance and longevity of your roof as well as avoid increased insurance premiums for potential or actual damages to your roof from dangerous overhanging limbs. Overhanging limbs on your roof also become a “super highway” for critters such as squirrels to gain access to your attic.

Clogged gutters, roof discoloration